About Us

I started Take Issue as an end to direct my research, finding out the truth, and more debunking the lies I had been taught. My primary goal is to write pieces which take an angle little discussed, on the left or the right, and put prevailing narratives under the microscope. I was tired of the lack of sources and references in mainstream media, presenting evidence on ideology and credibility rather than evidence, and even more tired of seeing people take it as gospel because of these two things.

Our current upload schedule is for one article every Saturday, with hopes to expand this later down the road maybe even with a regular news column.

Currently there are only two writers for the site, myself, and Luke Hall, that being said if YOU have an article you wish to pitch to me you can do so over twitter personal messages (@TakeIssueUK) and if I like it I am willing to pay for guest writers per word count.

You can contact me in the same way for any other business enquiries.


If you wish to stay updated on recent posts you can either follow our twitter or receive email notifications (which can be found on the right of any articles). Please share and comment, we are more than interested to hear your counter arguments and will try to respond.




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