If Hillary Clinton Won the US Presidential Election, 2016. (RANT)

After a tense race between two representation candidates, and by that I mean, candidates who are chosen for what they represent rather than policy; between a globalist, establishment Hillary Clinton and a nationalist, anti-establishment Donald Trump, the American people have made their decision.

But be under no illusion that the vote for Hillary Clinton would’ve been a vote for Hillary Clinton, personally I don’t believe that she had an ounce of manifesto in her entire body, bought and auctioned off to foreign investors. A vote for Hillary Clinton would have been a vote for Saudi Arabia, it would have been a vote for no platforming minorities and planned parenthood (set up to abort black babies). It would have been a vote for the regressive left, and the practiced fascism under college and university campuses. It would have been a vote for foreign intervention and foreign donation, a vote for destabilisation and the mass murder of Muslims, as well as importation of voters. It would have been a vote for a dependent press, tensions with Russia. It would have been a vote for whatever right wing party came next, in the vacuum of what the left deserves.

Be under no illusion that Trump would’ve been the last of populism in America. There would have been another, but not a Donald Trump, not a candidate mistreated by the media, but rather a candidate treated fairly, only no one would believe them. A candidate who’d actually be what everyone pretended Trump to be (to signal their own moralities), and he would’ve won. And he would’ve been a disaster, a real disaster, with a landslide victory. America would have lost its chance to save itself, because while Hillary would have won by democratic vote, it would’ve been the establishment that pushed her over the finish line, muddying the territories of the fourth estate, marching America into certain uprise, but the kind this time, that would cause America’s downfall.

Americans should be thankful that Trump won the presidential election, and so should the world, for Hillary Clinton was the single most dangerous candidate to have run this election year in both herself, and the consequences of her victory.